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Simple Thought About GPA

GPA (Grade Point Average) is the value given as academic achievement to the student. There is much of pro and con about how GPA can actually calculate the academic quality of student, one side say that GPA is anything and other side say that GPA is nothing. In this short article, I will describe my opinion about GPA.


Basicly, the exam held to test the output of studying and learning process

Why the exam held? Because it will test the output of studying process during a periodical time, that's the real aim. But we must think critically, is can we test the output of studying process with exam? Because most of student don't study enough seriously during studying process and only take short study a day before exam, the real aim of exam can't be reach. And then they will forgot about what they study after exam held, the real aim really can't be reach.
So, because of that, the value of exam (that will convert to GPA) don't calculate precisely the academic quality of student.
And then we also must take an aproachment, if the student never study anything during exam, altought he take a short “extreme” study a day before exam, his exam value is impossible to be best. Yes, that's the point! The exam value don't calculate precisely the academic quality of student that they get during study process, but exam value can be a big representation of their quality, because the student that seriously study suring the process is have more opportunity to get high value (GPA), vice versa.


Life is not about your GPA, but you also can't neglect it 


As I say in the paragraph before, the GPA can be a big representation from output during proces of formal study. The higher value mean that the student have more industriousness on formal study.
But you can't neglect a fact that the real life is not just formal study, life need real process of studying and learning, learn from other people, nature, and anything. So, because of that, altought GPA can be a big representarion of formal study output, it can't be a big representation of real quality overall. There is a pattern, that some of people more attracted to learn in formal study and the other more attracted to learn in nonformal study.
We must keep being netral, altought some people more attracted to learn in nonformal study, the formal study can't be neglected. As it name, formal study, give a formal quality that can't be neglected. A man who say that the value of formal study (you can say it GPA) is nothing more just a useless number maybe wrong, because if right he is more attracted to seriously study in nonformal study he will understand the value of his formal study give a representation of a part of his life. And nothing wrong with formal study while the process passed with true, because it will increase quality of him.

That is the two big part of my opinion about GPA. The conclusion is GPA give a big representation of formal study output, but it can't be a big representation of human human overall. There is people who attracted to learn in formal study, and other in nonformal study, the right preception is that one of them don't neglect the other. So, the formal and nonformal must walk together, and one of them must be better appropriate the interest. GPA is something, not anything: you can't revere it, and also can't neglect it.
By the way, I will tell about my GPA in my first semester in university. It is 4.0, people say that it is perfect, but I think no. This GPA, in my opinion, not give real representaion of my formal study (as I say before), because of several thing: the question of exam is same with exam of year before, the quality of question is not represent all of studying process, the value given haphazardly, etc. If that several thing can be done, I think that mine is not perfect again. And then, much of ability that I can't do altought my grade is perfect, like several proces and technique of physics & chemistry experiment, I just can do in theory whereas experiment is more important ability. Beside of them, much of nonformal ability that I don't have yet, like sosialisation skill, comunication skill, public speaking, self control, and other.
As a close statement, I will say that my GPA is not represent all quality of my formal study, and it is not mean anything about my nonformal ability. So, I want to keep studying, learning, and improve my skill.

*Note (maybe needed): GPA in Indonesia is IPK (Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif)

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